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  • URL Promoted: 3 Days
  • Avg. Growth: 25 - 50 Fans
  • Money Back Guarantee: Yes



  • URL Promoted: 5 Days
  • Avg. Growth: 50 - 100 Fans
  • Money Back Guarantee: Yes



  • URL Promoted: 7 Days
  • Avg. Growth: 200 - 250 Fans
  • Money Back Guarantee: Yes



  • URL Promoted: 10 Days
  • Avg. Growth: 400 - 500 Fans
  • Money Back Guarantee: Yes



  • URL Promoted: 15 Days
  • Avg. Growth: 900 - 1K Fans
  • Money Back Guarantee: Yes



  • URL Promoted: 20 Days
  • Avg. Growth: 1.8K - 2K Fans
  • Money Back Guarantee: Yes



  • URL Promoted: 25 Days
  • Avg. Growth: 2.5K - 3K Fans
  • Money Back Guarantee: Yes



  • URL Promoted: 30 Days
  • Avg. Growth: 3.5K - 4K Fans
  • Money Back Guarantee: Yes

We DON'T Sell Facebook Likes! We Advertise Your URL On Social Exchange Networks.

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We know what you’re thinking: Why should I buy Facebook URL marketing services from you? Well, let us give you several reasons why you should.

Lets make one thing clear. If you are here to buy Facebook likes, please change your marketing tactics now. If you buy Facebook likes directly from anyone, you are violating your fan page's terms. This is why we offer a new kind of marketing tactic. We market your fan page url on popular social exchange websites that protect against terms violations.

Conclusion. If you buy Facebook URL marketing, you can gain social media fans faster! We can help grow your traffic and sales. Your Facebook fan page can be a crucial element to your business’ success as well as building your brand image. Promoting your brand will get your name and your products to more potential customers, and by increasing your fan base, you can greatly increase the amount of possible free interactions that follow those types of promotions. Most clients also see a gain in their fan page’s ranking in search engines.

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